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How To Print Samsung Mobile Print App for Android

Samsung Mobile Print Appsoftprintdrivers – Samsung Mobile PRINT App is Samsung Mobile intelligent, share documents scanned with just one click easy to print, send faxes, from digital as PDF / Office documents / photos and web page, email or print directly your trusted social networking sites. Easy-print Google drive support scanning multiple-functional network devices, saving in various formats. App-free available only compatible with Android allows users to print, scanning is also supported for photos or documents and web pages directly from a Smartphone / Tablet, connect your device to the network printer, Samsung printer connected wirelessly via Wi-Fi access points in advance. Download Samsung Printer print this application, in accordance with the App in the Android Market/up-to date list of supported your printer.

Download Play Store Samsung Mobile Print For Android

How To Setup

Printing Using Samsung Mobile Print App

  1. Please open Mobile print, then select source from the main screen
  2. Source has been selected will open, and please select the want to print
  3. Please select “Printer button” at the bottom of the page
  4. Make sure that sure select the device that will appear, looking at every network printer connected
  5. Is convinced that the Printer must be turned on, connected to the same network (Tablet / Smartphone) for it to appear
  6. Print Mobile will search for your printer, please list any found
  7. Try to touch the printer wants to use Mobile, print will go to the Setup screen print
  8. If you have set the print options of how they wish to
  9. Please tap “settings” on the top left of the screen
  10. Touch print to send the job to the printer
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Then the Printer is now listed at the bottom of the screen, then use the print Mobile, without having to search for a printer.

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