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Samsung Printing & Scan Driver for Linux

Samsung Printer SoftwareSamsung scan feature that is available for Samsung Printing device, scan, this may not be available on-demand advice on model/items are optional. The maximum resolution scan can scan originals to achieve quality depends on various factors, even depends on the speed of your computer, the disk space/memory available and the size of the picture you want to scan, you might not be able to scan on a particular resolution or use enhanced dpi, depending on the system You are scanning.

Samsung Printing, Scan Driver Download

Download ↔ Samsung Linux Print and Scan Driver V1.00.39_01.17 Linux

Download ↔ Printing & Scan Driver ver V1.00.36_00.91 Linux

Samsung Linux Scanning Setup

  1. Make sure that the machine is connected to the PC, then activated
  2. Please double click the Unified Driver Configurator on the desktop
  3. Click the button to switch to the scanner configuration
  4. Please select the scanner on the list, then click “Properties”
  5. Place a single document on the glass-enclosed documents/load the document into the document feeder face (Scanner Properties window, please click “Preview”)
  6. The document is scanned, the preview image will appear in the preview pane
  7. Please drag the pointer to define the image for scanned in preview pane
  8. Please choose the option that is scanned
  9. Scan, save the pictures you want to scan
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After the above procedure step or follow on how to setup scanning, you can save the scan as a setting, add it to the drop-down list the type of work you are, then you can also enjoy the picture editing with picture Image Manager provides Application Manager menu commands and tools to Edit Your scanned images.

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Samsung Printer Drivers and Downloads (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

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